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All of the Digi-Phase digital rotary converters are available as self build units, just let us know your requirements and we will discuss the converter best suited to your needs.

All of our parts and compenents supplied are from quality assured sources and are covered by our own guarantee.

Free construction plans and wiring diagrams*

*Self build wiring diagrams are available for a fee which will be deducted from the cost of any major component purchased from us.

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Build a Single to Three Phase Converter for 50Hz Supplies

SMP Ltd manufactures all of the components which incorporate all the functions needed to build a modern phase converter. There are three different types you can choose from: E, T, and F.

The type E converter is easier to build. It produces boost currents to support the starting load required whenever an external motor starts similar to other standard rotary converters on the market, it does not produce balanced voltages between phases. This is acceptable, for example, for basic machines in a home workshop environment that are not loaded to their limits and do not contain electronic circuits.

T and F controllers require more components and more assembly work but they do produce balanced voltages between phases as required, for example, by CNC machines, welders, plasma cutters, VSD drives and other electronic loads.

The type T controller is used for 4-12kW converters and has three high power switching devices.

The type F controller is used in converters 12kW and above. Both types enable motors and machines to produce their rated output.

Reading the wiring diagrams requires some electrical knowledge.

WARNING: Completed converters contain capacitors which remain charged even after the unit is turned off, always allow a few minutes for the capacitors to discharge through the discharge resistors before attempting any service procedures. NEVER OPERATE THE UNIT WITH THE COVER REMOVED!

All of the electrical testing and troubleshooting should be carried out by an experienced electrician.

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